• ConnectNPay

    Connecting the financial systems of Myanmar

  • What We Do

    CNP seeks to maximise the total addressable market available for all financial institutions and start-ups in Myanmar. We do this through building network interoperability where it has never existed before and by providing complete transparency where there has been none.


    We work with every major bank, mobile money provider, agency network and most major utility providers in Myanmar.


    Our stated aims are total financial inclusion and to help build the largest possible market for mobile money operators and banks.

  • How We Work



    We allow for any financial services provider or startup to connect to our set of API's and access millions of available payment services, bill types and e-commerce services.


    We do not limit what you build.


    Sitting below this API layer, we supply a switching and reconciliation engine that integrates with all major financial service providers in Myanmar. This provides frictionless transaction capability, and where full automation is not possible, a T+1 settlement at worst.





    We give you a platform to turn your invoices and/or services into API's and link you with all major payment endpoints in Myanmar.


    We also provide you with a reporting engine for daily reconciliation and daily settlement services, into the bank/mobile money account of your choice.

  • Payment Services

    CNP offer a range of payment services and gateways.


    Consolidated E-Commerce Gateway

    The ability to allow payment services for your web and mobile products in Myanmar. Includes Myanmar domiciled credit card services and access to agency and mobile money networks.


    Automated Services for YESC/MESC/ESE

    The ability to give your users electricity payment services.


    Automated Services for Telenor/MecTel/MPT and Ooredoo

    No inventory, e-Load/e-Pin mobile top up service for all four major carriers. Best price switching engine guarantees best commission available on market.


    Automated Services for YCDC

    The ability to give your users Yangon City utility payment services. Access to over 40 million bills annually.

  • Our Partners

    Partners are our lifeblood. Without them, we have no business.

    Mobile Money Operators

    Agency Networks

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    Level 3, Building 8, Junction Square, Pyay Road, Yangon, Myanmar
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